Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Study Cheat Sheet

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It's back to school for most of the students here in the country. As important as school is, we can't deny the fact that it does get pretty tough and frustrating at some point. I've been through this struggle, and though I'm not done with it for good (college is on the way), I'm proud to say that graduating high school is already a feat on its own. I'm no Einstein, but I do have some techniques that just might help you get the mindset you need to make studying significantly less dreadful.

1. Keep yourself interested in your topics.
Don't tell yourself it's boring, even if it is. Telling yourself how fun and interesting what you're studying is actually works, even when you don't mean it at first. You'll eventually end up believing that your topic is fascinating and genuinely having fun. 
2. Don't procrastinate so you don't end up cramming (lol hypocrite).
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Accomplish your tasks as soon as possible. Delaying your work for less relevant things and cramming will more often than not lead to substandard results. This one is super important, but I, myself, have a hard time doing this too. When I do, though, the results are a whole lot better.
3. When you're having a hard time on something, don't give up and don't tell yourself that you can't do it.
Closing your mind to it will only make it even harder.The most effective motivation you can get is motivation from yourself.
4. When you're too tired to focus, don't force it.
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Forcing yourself to study when you're too tired to absorb what you're studying is simply a waste of time. Personally, I don't like staying up really really late to study. When I get sleepy, I go to sleep. I wake up early(like 3am) instead to study. By that time, my brain is refueled and with everyone else (people in the house and in social media) still asleep, I have less distractions. 
5. When you get really low grades on tests or etc., don't waste too much time feeling bad about it.
Learn from your mistakes, move on and use your low grades as your inspiration. Make this your push to aim for even higher grades for the next tests since you need to pull this low grade up.
6. Try to enjoy studying.
This is sort of just like #1 and #3. Find the joy in learning new things. It is the nature of man to crave for new knowledge after all. You're probably just focusing your curiosity on the wrong things.
7. Listen to (and participate in) discussions.
Class discussions are there to make it easier for you to learn. Pay attention to your teacher because, more often than not, they know what they're talking about and can really help you. Don't skip on taking down notes as well because notes are vital in reviewing, unless you have photographic memory.
8. You can try to be a little competitive and aim high if you really want to excel.
Having a little competition with your peers won't hurt, as long as you keep it friendly. Your natural competitiveness will be the drive you need to strive harder and aim higher.
9. Don't overwork yourself.
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This is a bit similar to #4. If you're too stressed and exhausted, you won't function properly, meaning you can't study effectively, thus turning your efforts into an utter waste of time and energy. Cut yourself some slack once in a while (then again, not too much slack).

10. Don't be shy to get help from your peers when you need it.
Don't ever consider asking for help as a sign of weakness. Brainstorming with your friends is not only very helpful but also a productive way to spend quality time.

11. Call on the Master Teacher
This has got to be the most important one of them all. Don't just pray before your exams, always give thanks after when you're done, as well. You can even ask for His help during your exam, because why not? And don't stop there. Instead of just praying every time you have your exams, make praying a part of your study(and daily) routine. You can ask Him for guidance, wisdom, strength, diligence and well, basically anything. After all, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours (Mark 11:24). (Big thanks to the person from the comments for reminding me!)

What are your study techniques? Go ahead and share them on the comments below!


  1. I love this! haha the gifs are perfect. Great tips as well :) I'll make sure to keep them in mind when I go back to school.


  2. Prayers. Not only before exams but also throughout the process of studying. Great post. Funny gifs :))

    1. Yes of course! Can't believe I forgot about that. Adding it right now. Thank you! :)

  3. ahah such a fun post! great gifs :) xoxo

  4. Haha great post, thanks for sharing!

  5. Those are some great tips! I don't really have any studying tips to give as I am no longer a student anymore, lol.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! And that's okay, I think it's great you're finally done with school. :)

  6. I def need these right now. Thanks for the tips!! x