Monday, November 14, 2016

Sof x Cza Goes To Foodgasm 2016

Well. We didn't get lost, which is a big feat for us. It was drizzling, but the rain (and the storm Karen) couldn't dampen the spirits of the people there. When we got to the venue, we listened to our stomachs (yeah, that really happened) and picked from these sets prepared. 

The 'we should've gotten different sets but oh well' huddle
SofxCza Logo on the Foodgasm Passport

Plates, sporks, passports, umbrellas and all. We were all set for a day of food, friends, and music.

We got to go around and play Gordon Ramsay for a day alongside legit chefs, food bloggers and connoisseurs.

Ping Gu's Mushroom Fries

Ping Gu's Mushroom Fries is one of my personal favorites! It doesn't necessarily look or taste like the French fries that we know of, but this snack(?) is a really interesting alternative to the typical  fries (though I'm not so sure if it's necessarily a healthier alternative). The dips are on point too! My personal recommendation would be the sour cream dip, but all work really well. Will definitely order one of these when I come across them again.

With Naughty Nachos' Pikachu Sliders
I love burgers in general but these were just adorable! These sliders had Pikachu ears made with nachos and Pikachu faces drawn with a gourmet pen. Can it get any cuter than that?

Yes. Bacon goes with everything.

Pirena Cake by Empire Cakes 
I found this cake quite interesting. This one is called Pirena because upon serving, they would literally put the cake on fire and let it melt right before your eyes until it's warm and gooey. I'm not exactly sure if this adds to the taste of the cake but it sure does add to the x factor and presentation.

I love this. Try it. Just try it. You're welcome.

We're awesome people!!!

Buti pa siya

Pulp Tree's Lemonade in the making

Lemonade is the drink that we know all too well. It's simple and quite universal, which is why I didn't expect much from it. This drink didn't have unique twists or fascinating quirks. What it did have, however, was outstanding taste. As I said, I didn't expect much from the regular lemonade, but this one was exceptionally refreshing. The balance of the sweetness and acidity was perfect. I'm unsure if they did something specific to achieve that or if I was just really thirsty at the time haha. Whatever the case, Pulp Tree's is one of my favorite lemonades to date.

Thai Spring Rolls by MPIII

It was a colorful day(literally and metaphorically). Thanks to Paolo Evangelista, our (un)official photographer for the day. Kudos, UP Economics Society!

italicized commentary by Cza

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