Czarisse Manlangit
\ʃʌris mɑnlɑŋɪt, ʃɑris mɑnlɑŋɪt\
Czarisse, or Cza \ʧɑ, ʃɑ\, was born on the 5th of April, 1999. She graduated from Quezon City Science High School and is currently taking up BS Business Administration in the University of the Philippines Diliman. She's a proud Filipina with a dash of Chinese.

Ever since she was little (well, she still is), dance has had a special place in Cza's heart. Having a sister who was a high school cheerleader, and parents who have their fair share of fancy for dance (always volunteering to perform in family reunions *hides under table cloth*), it wasn't long until she started exploring the craft herself. Now, she continues to learn and grow with the guidance of her new dance family, the UP Streetdance Club.

Czarisse is always a music enthusiast and occasionally a frustrated musician. She listens to a wide variety of genres, and
 loves to sing despite knowingly being off key 98% of the time. You can say that it's an unrequited love.

She aims to leave a positive impact in society. In the meantime, she's here online with Sof, sharing the blessings she's been graced with through this blog, hoping you enjoy reading their posts, and thanking you for dropping by.

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