Friday, April 7, 2017


Hi, guys! 

My friends and I are from the UP College of Fine Arts and we'd love to share our art with you.
We're now open for commissions!!
Please help us not be starving artists ❤️

Crim Aguilar

Instagram: @crimsonaguilar
Twitter: @crimsonaguilar

Crimson fancies expressing himself through the arts. He believes in giving every artwork some character for it to hopefully stand out over the rest. Crim aspires to be the better person. Pushing himself to new heights everyday, he does his best to improve himself in his art and everything else.

Graphite Pencils on Paper, 2015
Graphite Pencils on Paper, 2017

Graphite Pencils on Paper, 2016

Jog Dela Pena

Instagram: @gabjose892
Twitter: @JGDP_89271

Greatly influenced by Banksy, Goro Fujita, and Iravillee, ink and the digital arts is his 'cup of tea', so to say. He's a photographer, sort of a poet, and an indie-loving music enthusiast. Jog is a thrill seeker amongst other things but above all else, his heart belongs to the arts.

Pen and Ink, 2017
Digital Artwork, 2017
Howl's Moving Castle x My Neighbor Totoro
Digital Artwork, 2017

Sofie Andin

Instagram: @sofieandin
Twitter: @sofieandin

You can read about me here

Watercolor on Paper, 2017

Digital Artwork, 2017
Watercolor on Paper, 2017

We look forward to sharing our talent with you through the ways that we know best- through paintings, sketches and drawings. We hope our art would bring as much color and light to our lives like how it has done with ours!

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