Thursday, July 30, 2015

Newfound Love for Kygo (Your Ears Will Thank Me Later For This)

If you haven't heard of Kygo before this post, read on and you guys(and your ears) can thank me later. ;) (It is advisable to listen to the tracks below with quality earphones/headphones in a reasonably high volume for optimum musical experience)
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Recently labelled as the next EDM superstar by Billboard Magazine, Kygo (Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll), has gone from bedroom producer to one of the freshest and hottest DJs on the planet at the age of 24. After getting over 80 million views on YouTube and SoundCloud, Kygo was contacted by both Avicii, and Chris Martin of Coldplay to create official remixes of one of the artists' songs.

The first time I heard about Kygo, it was summer 2014 when my friend CV played (for quite a number of times) his remix of this track called Younger by Senaibo Sey during our 6-hour car ride to Baguio. I'm not exactly sure if it was love at first beat or it kinda just grew on me but either way, I completely fell in love with this song. Go ahead and click on the play button below to hear for yourselves.

I didn't really search about Kygo then, but just yesterday I came across another one of his mixes (refer to track below) and at that moment I became interested enough to look him up.

I just had this newfound love for his music and his musical style in general. His genres, by the way, are downtempo, electronica, deep house and tropical house.
Quick info: Tropical house is a sub-genre of deep house. Deep house is a sub-genre of house music, which is a genre of electronic dance music (EDM). EDM, electronica and downtempo are all forms of electronic music. And yes, some people keep on (angrily) pointing out that EDM isn't a genre. Well alright, EDM is not a specific genre but rather is an umbrella term for various genres and their respective subgenres. (But seriously, does it even really matter?! Call it a genre if you want to. It's no biggie). Anyway..
I've been a fan of EDM for quite some time now, but what I just adore about this style (deep house to be specific) in Kygo's music is the chill and feel-good vibe that it gives. And though it may not exactly be rave-able it still has some pretty sick beats that's still danceable. It's fresh and fun but still classy. It's a style that our old folks (who aren't big fans of our rock n roll and dubstep) could probably like as well.
If you aren't feeling this type of music that much, then that's okay, it isn't for everyone. But do give me a last chance and listen to this track that got him attention in the international scene. It's been played over 32 million times on SoundCloud, over 44 million times on YouTube and it's a mix of Ed Sheeran's track, I See Fire.

What do you think of Kygo, his music and this music style? If you liked(or rather loved) his stuff go ahead and check him out on SoundCloud, YouTube(loads faster than SoundCloud lol) and his other social media accounts.


  1. Great post, I like your blog too. :) Follow me if you want :*

  2. Such amazing sounds.
    I love it


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  3. I never heard about him before. this is great summer music.

  4. This post is so good, I loved reading the post and listening to the music. My favourite Kygo song stole the show. Your page is so good I'm definitey going to follow. Follow back?

  5. More music posts please! :)
    Some recommendations, have a listen then tell me what you think:
    Just Like Everybody Else by Jocelyn
    Palm Trees by Lily Elise. The lyrics omg!
    We were Meant to Last by Jordan Sheath
    Three Thirty by Eighty Ninety by Cherry Beach. The synth! Best listen with headphones on ;)
    The Ransom Collective! Local band, listen to a bunch of their songs :)

    Alan Walker, in line with your Kygo post
    Last but not the least Wonderland by Samantha Harvey! Headphones ;)

    1. (Can't believe I saw this comment just now)
      Thanks so much for these recommendations! Will definitely check these out. I might even make a post about these when I'm done with the semester. Stay tuned and thanks for dropping by!

      PS: Yes, I love Ransom Collective!!