Friday, January 8, 2016

Design Your Life Back to Basics Planner Review

Still looking for the one even though it's a bit late? Still hoping that it's there for you, somewhere, with everything you want and more? Look no further! Try the Design Your Life Planner by CNS Designs.

Personally, I'm not the type who goes out to the bookstore to casually look for a planner and buy one on the same day. I search for planners, figure out which I like best, and then research on those. I look for ones that are minimalistic enough to draw/paint on and those with features that would be useful to my lifestyle. After trimming the list countless times, I decided to get the DYL, Back to Basics. 

Design Your Life has two branches or types. The original one which has a more fun and trendy vibe and the back to basics one with a minimalistic feel. You can actually take a test (chill, guys. Its the fun kind) to know which of the two would suit your personality.

DYL Back to Basics with Freebies
Here's mine. Heh. It came with a bunch of freebies (which i'm really happy about. Yay, free stuff!) Here are some pictures of the planner.

It also has a bunch of useful features that I would really need for school. The include the Expense Tracker, Project Keeper, and the Sleep Tracker.

Last year, I had the Scribble Planner by Filed. I wasn't sure with it at first but I eventually became content with it since it had a lot of blank space I could paint and draw on. With this, I would need to cut back on the painting, but it has enough space for stickers and that's good enough for me.

It also came with a coupon book that sort of got me disappointed since they lack the branches of stores that I frequently visit. But hey, a coupon's a coupon, right?

Overall, I think I could have spent less on a planner that could have catered to me more. It's fine, though. I'm really happy with my DYL. Besides, it's aesthetically satisfying and that's no small feat!

 Any planners in mind for 2016? Go ahead and share them on the comments below!

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